Light up your leisure zone

The magic of pools at night

We humans possess an extraordinary capacity to adapt to our surroundings, and light is a fundamental part of this. As a result, and through our senses, we understand why we perceive our surroundings in a particular way and not another.

In Piscinas Godo, we don’t like to leave anything to chance; it would make no sense to build a swimming pool or spa with a very considered design and finish, without having carefully thought out every last detail. This is why our priority is quality, creating the perfect balance between the type and quantity of light needed, which will affect not only the finish used in our projects but also make them spectacular. The right planning and choice of materials and lighting will ensure that the most appropriate atmosphere is created for the enjoyment of your senses.

On the other hand, bad lighting can destroy the impression, in spite of a good design and finish. We always aim to satisfy the client, and this is why we carry out as many designs as may be necessary until your expectations are met.

Our technical department will recreate the atmosphere and surroundings in 3D that most suit the design and finish, to ensure a unique and agreeable environment that only the creativity of our technicians have the experience of producing for your swimming pool or wellness centre.

Our technical and consulting service will provide you with the advice on quality and design you need to be able to achieve the natural atmospheric lighting that makes each project unique. We only work with the best materials available on the market, such as LED technology and optical fibre specifically for pools, always adapting these to the effect desired in each and every one of our projects.

Estudio profesional de iluminación


Pool and spa lighting control in the palm of your hand

In addition, the lighting is remotely controlled and automated with the latest technology for programming lighting systems that only the top brands can offer, their use being simple and intuitive for the user.

Your project will have the lighting necessary to make it unique and exclusive, as our aim is to make your dreams light up and become a reality. We guarantee the construction of your pool in optimum conditions, architecture, design, style and quality, thus ensuring it is unique as well as being in keeping with its own environment.

Our hallmark and work ethic is to ensure that all our exclusively designed swimming pools, spas, sports and leisure centres achieve complete customer satisfaction. Do not hesitate to contact us. Our long and varied experience in the industry are your guarantee, and our skill and innovation are what set us apart from our competitors.

fibra óptica para la iluminación de piscinas