Detailed plans in CAD

We professionally plan your leisure space

In Godo Pool, not only do we have the ideas and passion for a job well done, but also the skill, quality and innovation that make us unique and highly qualified to build your swimming pool or wellness centre.

In our creative development, in order to achieve maximum efficiency as well as technical and personal satisfaction, we use 3D plans to evaluate the key aspects in the construction of your swimming pool or wellness centre.

proyecto de piscinas en CAD

The correct planning of an area where water is the main feature, whether it be an indoor or outdoor swimming pool, wellness centre or spa, is essential in order to ensure both a clear and efficient job that is within budget.

By using a detailed CAD plan we can give the answers as to what major works need to be carried out, in addition to calculating the materials required, and thus plan lead times and completion date.
In Godo Pool, all our pool and spa projects have a prior 3D design in which structural effects and finishes are reproduced to the very last detail. Our next step is to develop the more technical and precise details in CAD.

Our passion for a job well done is what sets us apart from our competitors. Do not hesitate to contact us. We will give you our expert advice and together we will give shape to the project, so that your plans become a reality.